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Немного о геймдизайне

Запишу здесь пару-тройку мыслей/цитат из книги, которую сейчас читаю: эдакий узелок на память. Курсив и выделение везде мои.

1. A lead game designer is responsible for all of the creative content in the game. This includes characters, worlds, core gameplay, level layout and design, core mechanics, weapons, player character abilities, story, usable objects, inventory systems, game-shells, controls... you get the idea. Think of the lead designer as the director of a film. If the player can see it, use it, shoot it, modify it, explore it or master it, then it is the responsibility of the lead ame designer.

2. ...Changes are part of process. The writer needs to embrace them, because it means that you are moving forward. If movies were made like games, shooting an establishing shot of a street would go something like this:

Shoot the street.
Look at it, add rain.
Shoot the street.
Look at it, paint the storefront red.
Shoot the street.
Look at it, move the cars.
Shoot the street.
Look at it ... liked it better without rain.
Shoot the street.
Look at it ... maybe at night, with rain.
Shoot the street.

And so on...

3. One of the big problems with game narratives is the fact that oftentimes the needs of the game conflict with the needs of the story. The hero is the player, and the game needs to give the player information, so the way some games go about this is to make the hero the dumbiest character in the game. Everyone is telling him what to do. He doesn't have the same knowledge as everyone else. He asks too many questions. The hero has a "controller", such as a guy in a parked van. He is lost. And then there's that classic gambit: he has amnesia.
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